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Yoga & Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are two of the popular exercises among women and has rapidly become a recognized solution for weight loss. If you want to incorporate any of the two in your modern lifestyle, you might want to invest in durable organic cotton yoga mats. We have a full line of fine quality yoga and pilates mats you can choose from.

One of the highly in demand organic yoga supply is the Black Stars Recycled Eco Yoga Mat Bag. It features two zippered compartments on the front area as well as a side bottle holder. Cleaning and maintenance is easy since you only need to gently wipe with wet cloth and soap.

Another great investment for yoga practitioners is the Daddy Van's Natural Yoga Mat Wash, which is specifically designed to effectively remove sweat stains and even odors. This wash only uses surfactants and essential oils derived from plants so its safe for your mat and your skin. This products comes in an aluminum spray bottle so you can conveniently carry it around and clean your mat whenever you feel the need to in just a couple of minutes.

The Shama Yoga Rug is also a popular choice and has been touted to be the best yoga rug in the market today. It is designed with superior sweat absorption and grip to support your every move, stretch and bend without worrying about accidental slips. Cleaning this yoga rug is also very easy since it can be washed by hand and its sturdy enough to last for years.

Whether you've experienced the wonders and benefits of yoga or pilates, or possibly both for years now or you are just starting out, we have a great assortment of products and tools you can choose from for your quest on attaining and maintaining optimum health and wellness.

Organic Yoga & Pilates supplies from organic cotton and hemp yoga clothes to eco-friendly yoga and pilates props are found on Pristine Planet. These high quality eco friendly yoga props and yoga mats will help you get your Zen on.