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World Musical Instruments


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In the old days, making beautiful music was one of the most favourite pastimes of families especially those that were not blessed with funds to afford other kinds of entertainment. As there were no movies or television in those years, music was one of the primary expressions used by artists to express their selves. Even in the world of theatre, music was greatly utilised as well. And of course, there is the high-brow form of music the opera.

Families of the low and middle classes delighted in imitating the music from the stage and the opera as well as creating their own little jigs to serve as background music for impromptu and informal dances.

Here at Pristine Planet, we present you a collection of unique and fair trade instruments that can take you back to the past and rediscover the simple but profound delights of making music with your loved ones.

The nice thing about playing and making music with your loved ones is that no one is going to play the moody artist and losing their temper just because you happened to play note in D when it should have been C. No one will also mind if you are completely tone deaf and that cuckoos tend to sing a lovelier note compared to your voice.

Everything is done in the spirit of fun, and here in Pristine Planet, we have the best world musical instruments to give your family everything you need to launch even your very own musical at home.

For those with pretty nimble fingers due to too much texting, consider challenging them to creating lovely melodies with the Small Finger Piano from Kenya. For your tantrum-loving toddler, it is time to give him a creative outlet for his excitable passions with the Painted Mini Djembe.

We have so many other exciting choices for you. Explore their features and see which combination will work best for your home-based musicale.