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White LED Christmas Lights


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Make it a green white Christmas this year with Pristine Planet’s white LED string lights. They have double the power of ordinary Christmas lights, but soak up less electricity so you will never have to agonize over your post-holiday electric bill again.

Christmas is never complete without twinkling lights in your tree or around your porch, something about them just brings out the child in you. Our white LED Christmas lights lend warmth and charm to your home.

Energy efficient lights like these white LED Christmas lights help save the planet compared to incandescent energy bulbs—you will save up to 98% of the energy normally consumed by your average Christmas lights. Not only that, you will not have to deal with lights that suddenly fuse out and ruin the effect because these LEDs last longer and burn brighter.

Decorate your fir tree with the Warm White LED Christmas Mini Icicle Lights or Strawberry Lights. Enjoy the flicker free ambiance and the savings. Every bulb consumes only 3-4 watts, which is a ton of savings compared to the 60-70 watts incandescent bulbs normally consume. Warm white LED Christmas lights blend in well with other colors, so you never have to worry about mixing and matching year after year.

Choose from a wide variety of designs to go with your décor. We have 70 string conical lights, strawberry, G12 bulbs, mini and large icicle lights and even tree trunk wrap lights so you can surround yourself with energy-saving elegance. We have lights for home or commercial use, so you can hang those at your business storefront without guilt or worrying about extra energy bills. Longer life spans and no-bulb technology guarantee that you will not be throwing out a string of lights or replacing burnt out bulbs the next time the holidays come around.

Grab a set of white LED string lights today for a greener, whiter Christmas.