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Water Bottle Carriers


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You will never be without your reusable water bottle again with Pristine Planetís water bottle totes. Our environmentally friendly water bottle carriers insulate as well as commercially made (and non-biodegradable) ones, with the added bonus of looking so stylish you will find ways to carry this around.

A bottle sling like the Neogreene Insulated Water Tote keep your cool drinks cold and your hot drinks hot without chlorine or lead or other toxic gross things found in traditional insulation. Plus, the Neogreene bottle sling takes less energy to make, which is better for the earth all around. The great thing about Neogreene is it keeps your bottle hotter (or colder) longer, so you will never have to drink lukewarm coffee again.

A bottle tote not only insulates and keeps your drinks at the perfect temperature; it makes it handy to bring them around like the Built Bottle Slinger. Simply slip it over your tumbler and you can bring it everywhere. We love Builtís 32-ounce bottle tote, snap it onto your backpack, bike or keep it handy on your bag or purse.

RePETeís bottle slings are slim and insulated so you can slip it into your bag without worrying about moisture or spills. It also has two pockets so you can carry your essentials with you the next time you take a long walk or run. Each bottle sling is made from recycled material and it comes in many different colors.

We have bottle totes for all bottle sizes and shapes and you are sure to find the perfect one for you. You can also invest in a brand new reusable tumbler with matching carrying case like Klean Kanteenís 27 ounce Sports Water Bottle and Carrying Sling Combo.

Hydration has never been so stylish. Dress up your water tumbler; take it with you anywhere you go. You will never have to feel thirsty again.