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Water Bottle Caps


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Replace the broken top of your favorite reusable tumbler with Pristine Planetís assorted replacement bottle caps. We have a diverse selection of water bottle cap brands, including your favorite Sigg and Klean Kanteen tumblers.

A reusable water bottle is the eco-friendly choice. Buying bottled water or coffee in disposable cups contributes to waste. A reusable water bottle can save you money, since you will not be spending a dollar a day on buying the water you drink. That can save you $300-$500 a year on water alone.

Plus, it saves up to 9 gallons of oil and 114 gallons of water used when manufacturing bottled water.

Our replacement bottle caps come in many styles and shapes. Choose from a flat cap, a loop cap, a sippy cap or sports cap designs. Klean Kantee offers replacement for all cap styles. We love the BPA-free, lead-free material. The Stainless Steel Flat Cap can be used for all classic bottle sizes or choose the loop cap if you prefer to clip your tumbler to your bike or bag. That way you have fresh water anytime, anywhere.

Sport caps are perfect for those who cannot wait to get the bottle open or need easy access to water, such as during strenuous exercise, a long hike or just a walk through the park. Sigg caps feature mud guards and caps for extra protection for any style of bottle you have. The great thing is these replacement bottle caps are interchangeable for any style and size bottle. Each water bottle cap is leak free and easy to use. They can also be disassembled for easy cleaning either by hand or in the dishwasher.

A new water bottle cap can extend the lifespan of your favorite reusable tumbler so you can continue to enjoy its benefits. It makes a smart investment even smarter.