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Organic And Natural Sweets And Chocolates


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Natural and Organic Sweets

Looking to soothe your sweet tooth? Indulge in natural, vegan or organic sweets and you'll have your healthy sugar fix in no time.

The Chocolate Dipped Marshmallow Crunch Bars are a healthy and certified organic alternative to a classic treat. The crunch bars do not contain high fructose corn syrup and other artificial ingredients. You may also want to try the "Rolls Royce" of real licorices: the vegan Panda All Natural Licorice.

On a special day, treat yourself and your loved ones to gluten and dairy free mini brownie bites that are just as good as what grandma used to make. Made from natural ingredients, these mini bites can be enjoyed by both the young and old and is perfect with a glass of organic milk.

If you feel like experimenting, why not make your own chocolate with the Make Your Own Chocolate Kit? All the ingredients you'll need is included in this kit and will make for a fun and educational afternoon as you learn about the cacao secrets of the ancient Aztecs.

It's never too early for holiday candy so stock up on Gluten Free Cinnamon Toast Toffee Elegant Gold Gift Boxes. Nothing says "I love you" better than buttery and rich toffee mixed with cinnamon, hand-dipped in luxurious Swiss milk chocolate couverture and topped with a cinnamon sugar mélange. Not only is this gift delicious, it's also handmade with extra care and is 100% vegan.

For small kids and the kids at heart, why give the gift of a vegan marshmallow? Too simple? How about a giant marshmallow that's nearly 2 lbs in size? The Gourmet 2 lb Marshmallow is absolutely gluten, fat and corn syrup free! No need to hold back the kids (or yourself), this marshmallow is healthy for indulging.

Looking for some natural, vegan or organic sweets? We have found some of the best vegan marshmallows, natural biscotti, and organic shortbread around. We love organic sweets around here, and while we haven't found many we don't like, we're sure you're going to find a lot of vegan and natural sweets that temp your taste buds.

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This Chocolate is beyond being just Sacred it is the Divine BOMB of phenomenal tasting connoisseur Chocolatle. Smooth and creamy beyond comparison. A couple packages a day helped a good friend get through a horrid divorce. What else to say,if you can afford to indulge in the best,watch out it may be habit forming temporary bliss.

I would like to know what has happened to the cocoa chews. Can anyone tell me if they are discontinued and if so why. Dee