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Eco Halloween


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Halloween is one of those times in the year that you have the license to make the biggest splash possible without seeming even just a bit ostentatious. It may be the season to be scary rather than merry, but it is all done in the spirit of fun.

What was your Halloween party theme last year? Was it to welcome Bloody Mary in your midst? How about doing something a little more meaningful and challenging this year by hosting an Eco Halloween party?

Here at Pristine Planet, we aim at giving our customers timeless pieces that offer both beauty and practicality. There is never an occasion we have not unearthed something that can be useful and yet safe for the environment at the same time.

If it is an organic Halloween party that you have set your heart on, then that is exactly what we will be helping you organize.

With this type of party, you want to make sure that you also get to prepare a vegan Halloween menu for guests who are coming over for dinner. If you want something a bit more challenging, how about using fair trade Halloween treats?

The trick is on the children, of course – they will only find out too late that those delightful chocolate treats they so love are actually Organic Chocolate Squares.

As for something else to occupy your younger visitors, consider as well using the Hawaiian Henna Natural Body Paint we have available on our website. Temporary tattoos are all the rage in parties nowadays, and just for the last night of October, maybe it is a good thing to allow your kids’ imaginations to run freely without restraint and let them have all the beautiful – or Goth – body art that they want.