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Eco Friendly Belts


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Vegan belts are one of the trendiest ways you can stay true to your eco friendly principles for living while looking your fashionable best at the same time.

Start with a bang by checking out a glamorous vegan belt such as the unisex movie film belt. This belt is made unique by its 35mm film construction the kind that is no longer used in Hollywood. The film is non flammable as the film used for the belt is also made tougher and fireproof with a combination of acetate and 100% polyester.

Transport yourself back to the old days with a hemp twine braided belt. These belts are good for women with up to 34-inch waistlines and are also made extra special by the fact that they have been handmade by one of the most talented groups of Guatemala-based fair trade artisans.

Another good addition to your collection of hemp fashion accessories would be the hemp banzai belt. It is secured by an adjustable buckle that is enhanced beautifully with a metal engraved logo. It can fit users with up to 43-inch waistlines. This belt even comes with a reusable gift box, thus making it the perfect ready-to-go gift.

How about a Celtic braided hemp belt to round off your collection? With its bronze buckle and classy Romanian hemp construction, it is the type of belt that is sure to make both men and women look worldly and poised without even trying.

Are you perhaps searching for something more distinctive one that will fit your just as distinct personality? If so, you may be interested in trying out the recycled can tab and leather belt as well! This is also designed by talented artisans from Guatemala and is available in shades of brown and navy blue.

Now you can have really unique belts that are also eco friendly. These eco friendly belts are as different as you are. One of our favorites is the movie film belt. Maybe you'll like the hemp belts or organic cotton belts better. These eco friendly belts will really give your outfit that little something extra.