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Eco Ribbon


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Eco Ribbon

Gifts are best given with attractive bows, whether it's for a child or an adult. There is nothing more exciting than undoing a bright bow and savoring the anticipation of opening a present. With the holidays just around the corner, you might want to stock up on vibrantly attractive handmade ribbon and natural ribbon sets. We have a number of wonderful options you can choose from to accentuate those tokens and give them that oomph factor.

See your recipient's face light up with delight as you give your gift complete with eco ribbon Organic Twist. Made from Lokta paper, you are not only sharing the wonders of gift giving, you are also doing your share of preserving Mother Nature. This biodegradable ribbon is hand twisted and carefully dyed using natural colorants and Azo-free dyes. You can choose to purchase the shorter 5 meters or the longer one that comes 8 meters long. This particular ribbon is sustainably manufactured in Nepal and organically grown, effectively giving a simple ribbon a character of its own.

Another great option is a biodegradable ribbon called, Biodegradable Cotton Curling Ribbon, which is made of 100% natural cotton material. This product features perfectly aligned cotton strands and water-based adhesive, making it safe even for sensitive kids. Its crisp and bouncy texture is colored using only soy-based ink. Style up your presents and given them your signature look, the ribbons can be easily shaped and curled every which way you want. Now, you can work up that imagination and get those creative juices flowing with this unique, environmentally friendly ornament.

Gift wrappings and trimming are as equally important as the token inside. Make any event more special and meaningful with brightly colored presents that could only reflect your care and attention to every detail. Go ahead and include these ribbons in your shopping list.

Love putting ribbon on your packages to give them an extra flare? Concerned that adding the extra decoration is harder on the earth than the beauty of the gift is worth? Now you can choose biodegradable ribbon and use that on the presents.