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Unscented Cleaners


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Keeping your house clean is a job and a half, and we here at PristinePlanet.com want to ease the trouble. One way is to choose from our selection of unscented cleaners – full cleaning performance without extra chemicals.

For many of us, the smell of an object is directly connected with its cleanliness. Smell is a powerful sense, being the only one of the five human senses that has a direct connection to the memory centers of the brain. With just one whiff, our brains pour forth not just memories, but also associated feelings.

When you think about it though, cleaning products are primarily exploiting this phenomenon with their added fragrances. These added substances are not particularly helpful in cleaning, and can even be cloying at times. Even “good smells” can become “bad smells” as the chemical components change over time. As such, there is a market for fragrance free products.

One of our favorite unscented cleaners is Better Life’s what-EVER! All-purpose cleaner. It has no dyes, no chlorine, is fully biodegradable, and works on all non-porous surfaces. Just spray, wait, and wipe down counter tops, bathroom tiles, sinks, tubs, toys, and even windows!

Aside from cleaning furniture, you’ll also want to give them a good buff and polish for that rich, well-kept look. With Daddy Van’s Unscented Beeswax Furniture Polish, you can give your wooden furniture a rich glow without having your nose tickled by unwanted fragrances.

Washing the clothes? ECOS Free and Clear is a detergent with no fragrances or fabric softeners. What you get is a straight-up clean that you can feel on your skin.

Finally, here is another of our favorite fragrance free products – Biokleen Natural Dish Soap. It is biodegradable and vegan, with no added fragrances. As such, your dishes can be washed clean without worry of some soap-related smell contaminating your next meal.