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Jazz up your keys with Pristine Planetís fantastic collection of recycled key chains. These unique key chains are great for keepsakes and giveaways for events, birthdays or special occasions. Give a special person an engraved, personalized handmade one as a remembrance. You will never spend hours looking for keys again with our one of a kind design.

A recycled key chain helps you organize those pesky keys and keep them handy. By choosing recycled, you not only get a stylish unique key chain but you also help the Earth out. The English Retreads Key Ring is made from rubber formerly found in inner tubes. The easy access hook lets you clip it to your belt, bag or hang it from a hook near your front door. It is a stylish accessory you will never be ashamed to give as a gift.

We love a good handmade key chain and if it is recycled, we are there. A womenís collective in the slums of Manila Philippines make clever key chains from juice packs, ketchup packs and wrappers. They are sturdy enough to hold your key collection, change or whatever you can fit into the tiny purse. If you are looking for something organic, the Coconut Shell Heart Key Chains are the thing. These make great presents or giveaways for corporate events or parties.

A unique key chain makes a fun, funky gift for anyone of any age. Celebrate someoneís first car with our Peace on Earth Key Chain, lovingly crafted from recycled glass. Paloma Potteryís recycled glass chains are works of art in themselves and we are certain an artistic friend will love the sentiment. Everyone appreciates a unique key chain that no one else has.

Collectors will love our distinctive assortment of unique key chains. You will love the attention grabbing designs and multi-functionality. Grab an eco key chain and clip it to your belt or bag today.

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This is a really neat gift if you have a friend that is a cyclist. Its 3 links of a used Dura-Ace chain so itís not very bulky and will fit in a pocket or purse nicely. I have one and love it.