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Toddler Bed Conversion Kits


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Toddler Bed Accessories

When babies start to outgrow their cribs, some adjustments are in order. Convert their baby cribs into toddler beds to accommodate their growing arms and legs. This great selection of toddler bed conversion kits and accessories make the job easier.

Toddler bed conversion kits are a practical alternative to buying new beds for your growing baby. All you need are parts like Toddler Beds Conversion Rails and a handy How to Guide, and you are turned into an instant handyman! All these accessories are proudly made with materials harvested in a sustainable fashion.

Some of the great products include the Pacific Rim high bed 4-in1 which is ideal for the safety of your precious toddler. It is specially equipped with toddler bed side rails to keep your precious one secure while he grabs his zzz's. It is made from solid maple, an indicator of its quality and durability. It also comes with an all natural honey colored finished that is made with all natural linseed oil and Tung oil. Worried whether it will hold your growing baby through the years? The product is backed up by manufacturer's warranty that lasts for a lifetime.

Another highly recommended product is the Oeuf Sparrow Toddler Bed Conversion Kit which makes your job as a handyman a piece of cake. Just take away any larger sized panel from your baby's Sparrow Crib and replace this with a Sparrow Toddler Bed pane. This will keep the bed comfortable and familiar to your child so your baby monitor should remain quiet for most of the night. It is made from Baltic birch plywood and uses only water based finish that is completely natural and toxin free, ensuring a good night's sleep for your little one all the time.

Your little on is getting bigger, and now it's time to change the crib into a toddler bed. Whether you use a toddler bed conversion kit to make their crib into a toddler bed. You can also add a toddler bed side rails.