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Eco Chaise Lounges


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At Pristine Planet, we want you to enjoy nature, whether actively or just basking in its glory. What better way to chill out in the outdoors than with outdoor chaise lounges? Add them to your garden or lawn and get some sun time.

We believe that natural is best, especially when natural resources are harvested in a sustainable way. The Maku teak chaise lounge is one fine example. Teak has a special beauty and resistive qualities that make it ideal for use in the outdoors; itís strong, dense, and resistant to moisture and sun damage. Of course, letís not forget that the company that makes these teak chaise lounges is environmentally conscientious, making donations to reforesting efforts.

Our first entry for plastic outdoor chaise lounges is a model from Poly Lumber. The Comfo-Back Polywood chaise lounge, as the name may suggest, is designed to provide back support and comfort, so you can really enjoy your time on this reclining chair.

Polywood chaise lounges are certainly not under-represented in our collection. Polywood takes recycling seriously, and all of their furniture items are made from 100% reclaimed plastic. The very same milk jug you are drinking from today could be in your chair tomorrow!

Better yet, every Polywood chaise lounge is maintenance-free. They are treated to resist sun damage, so they will last for a very long time. You can also buy sets, which include two lounges plus a side table, with a discount taken off the top. Do remember to check out the color options.

Do remember to check if your outdoor chaise lounge comes with a cushion. Get even more comfort and relaxation out of your eco lounge with eco lounge cushions. Now, whereís that sunblock?