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Men's Organic Tee Shirts


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Men's Organic T Shirts

Looking for a sweatshop free t shirt for your special man? Look no further than the great selection of organic, bamboo and hemp shirts that you can choose from.

Find the perfect shirt with the style and color that your man will appreciate like sayings shirts that contain eco friendly statements and messages such as the "Support your local farmer" men's organic shirt made from organic cotton and extremely gentle dyes manufactured in factories using solar and wind power, a truly environmental choice.

A subtler saying is "Satyagraha" which means "my soul is at peace with yours". Made from 100% organic cotton, your gift recipient will feel an instant ease once he puts on this shirt.

If a picture can paint a thousand words then the Peace Tree Organic Cotton Men's T-Shirt is packing a profound statement. Clay-dyed and made from 100% organic cotton, the innovative design will surely spark some conversations filled with ideas on how to make the world better. The double stitching on the hems makes this shirt exceptionally durable and long lasting.

For simpler men with more classic style inclinations, you can choose from plain organic colored tees that will go seamlessly with any denim, khaki or shorts. The organic cotton tees are made from handpicked and hand woven GOTS organic cotton in its natural color and are phosphate free. Frequent washing will keep the fabric soft making it a practical choice for the man on the go.

Alternatively, you can go for the Hybrid V-neck Tee in classic black for the suave and sophisticated man. Made from 100% ProModal fabric from Birchwood and Eucalyptus trees grown sustainably.

Eco friendly tees include Hemp tees, tees made from Organic cotton and recycled materials are all worthy and stylish substitutes.

Finding the perfect men's t-shirt can be like a treasure hunt. These bamboo and organic men's t-shirts feel great on and many have fun sayings and designs that will spark interest and maybe even a few conversations. Get your next men's tee shirt from an eco friendly company and know that you're doing something good while you shop.

Comments for Men's Organic Tee Shirts

This shirt has a really great fit and feel for organic cotton. The company also has a great message (family oriented). Not sure how they do their printing, it seems to blend into the material of the shirt which looks and feels like it won't fade for a long time. The price is great for the quality of the shirt. Convenient shipping as well. I highly recommend this shirt to others. I will definitely buy more.

This is a great t-shirt!!! It is cut well so it gives enough room in the arms and chest to be comfortable, but fits well enough to make you look good and the length hits you just right. The design is very nice and is incorporated in the cotton, which is very soft, so you don't have to worry about it flaking off with multiple washes or being heavy/sticky on your chest in the heat like cheap designs that are added on top of the shirt. Highly recommend!

This shirt is by far the most comfortable t-shirt I own! Aside from how it feels, it's nice to know I can do my part to help the environment, as well as show my support for the outdoors. The design on the shirt is real simple, which I like. Would purchase again, if new art/designs are developed.

Quality is obvious from initial touch. Immediately became a "first reach" shirt & makes wearing less quality tees in the closet an effort. Can't feel the logo whatsoever, nor are there any harsh seams. New look, yet felt as if I'd been wearing it for a thousand years. OBTW, appreciate the environmental awareness phylosophy & message as much as the inherent quality.

Several compliments "Must be expensive as it hangs well on the body", "I need to order me one as it looks great on you", and "Nice shirt". Head and shoulders above other products in this price range. A+