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Natural Face Toners

The application of face toners is a part of many daily regimens. For some it is considered a beauty must-have for teens and adults alike. If you want to give your skin that extra loving care and protection, then consider using natural and organic facial toners and let your skin soak up some healthy goodness. Take a closer look at our collection of organic facial toners, we are sure you can find one that best suits your skin type and other requirements.

One toner worth showcasing is the Purify Toner. Made with lavender and manuka essential oils and pink salt, it is carefully formulated to tone and refresh your skin while effectively lifting out impurities and excess oils that have accumulated throughout the day. Manuka is a widely used component in a variety of beauty products due to its antiviral, antiseptic and analgesic properties. It has also been known to clean, soothe and improve the circulation of the skin, thereby facilitating the regeneration process.

Another toner to consider is the Potent & Pure Balancing Antioxidant Facial Toner, that is specifically designed to revitalize tired skin using a special blend of organic orange, grapefruit, lemon and ginger essential oils and extracts. It also contains seaweed extracts that provide antioxidant properties to help fight the signs of aging.

If you have extra sensitive skin, the Humphrey's Hydrating Toner Sensitive is the ideal choice for you. It is specifically formulated to be safely used even on the most delicate skin, providing a calming and nourishing effect and deep hydration the skin needs to maintain that healthy, youthful glow. Its unique formula contains jasmine and witch hazel, along with the organic blend of aloe, lavender and calendula.

Refresh your face with organic toners and feel the difference in your skin. Toners help to refresh your face after cleansing it with your organic face creams. Soothe and refresh your skin, while knowing the facial toner you use isn't adding any bad chemicals to your face.

Comments for Natural & Organic Facial Toners

This really left my skin feeling smooth and soft. Most toners have dried my skin, but this one did not. Just loved it and will definitely buy again !

I used to have a toner that sometimes stung. Not Eve's this toner is gentle yet effective. I have used it for over a month now and my skin is looking better. My pores are not as large and my skin has a glow to it. This toner smells wonderful!! Once again a great product from Eve.