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The practice of sustainable living is like working on your marriage: there will always be ups and downs, but in the end none of them matters as long as you remain committed.

Committing yourself to practicing sustainable living is not something everyone will understand – just like marriage. Why commit to spend your life with one person? Why commit to use only organic and eco friendly materials when they are likely to cost you a bit more money?

The answer is simple: it is because you know and believe that you are doing the right thing. More importantly, you want and need to do it because it is your passion.

Here at Pristine Planet, we certainly understand, appreciate and support people who have the passion for sustainable living. We also want to help you learn more about this very crucial project and spread the word about it.

Browse our collection of simple living books and see what strikes a chord in your heart. True Green is a simple and fantastic read about tiny changes that lead to making a huge difference in the way people live.

For the business-minded, Fair Trade: A Beginner’s Guide is indeed one user-friendly guide to help you better appreciate a business’ choice of supporting only fair trade supplies.

Then again, you should know that not all sustainable living books are purely educational. Sometimes they offer oodles of raunchy fun – a perfect gift for those you want to convince to lead an organic lifestyle as well. One such example is Eco-Sex, with its apt tagline Go Green Between the Sheets and Make Your Love Life Sustainable.

So how about it? Do you think you can rise to the challenge and see how good you and your partner are in finding your pleasure in all things green?