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Sewing Notions


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Sewing Notions

Find the best array of sewing notions for all your sewing needs right here. Whether you are looking for twine dispensers, buttons or anything else, this is the place to go. You will find the widest array of eco friendly sewing notions to complete any sewing project. You can go about your sewing hobby with a happy heart and a green soul. All the products here are 100% natural or made from recycled materials so you can be sure they are good for the earth.

Sewing is such a wonderful hobby and often people want to share their work with family and friends. Sew a beautiful piece of handicraft for your loved one as a gift. Or you can give him or her one from the wide selection of natural sewing notions. This is the only place that you can find great items for sewing and for gifts that are all natural and eco friendly.

Anybody can benefit from an item from eco friendly sewing supplies. Here you will find useful things such as 185 feet long of butcher's string which is completely biodegradable and made from 100% cotton. The string is sure to fit perfectly in a twine dispenser that is wooden. You can also find all sorts of button notions which are handy to use for any miscellaneous sewing project. These little sewing gems make the perfect gift for your grandma or anyone else who loves sewing.

Sewing hobbyists will surely love these gift items and the thought that goes behind them. Now they can sew heartily with gift items that come straight from you. Each item is crafted with organic or recycled materials and can complete any sewing kit. You can even use a pouch made from recycled VHS tape ribbon as your sewing kit! Being an earth warrior has never been cooler.

Sewing notions - buttons, twine dispensers and more. Browse a selection of sewing notions and find the perfect organizers, wood buttons and more for your sewing needs.