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Eco Friendly & Fair Trade Rings


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Large, fancy hand made jewelry pieces and eco friendly rings have become widely popular these days as fashionable accessories for the modern women.

A standout piece of sterling silver ring design is the abalone and silver wrap ring that beautifully features an abalone inlaid in stunning alpaca silver that comfortably wraps around the finger. This ring is about an inch tall and can be perfectly worn on the index or middle finger. Since it can be adjusted with a simple squeeze, you don't have to worry about getting the right ring size.

Another equally great piece is the turquoise and silver wrap ring that features an eye-catching turquoise inlaid wonderfully set in a striking design of alpaca silver. Like the first one, this one is also 1 inch in height and can be adjusted to fit.

If you are looking for bolder fashion pieces, the brass fool's gold ring is something you can wear day or night. This one is made to look like a stylishly small version of an ancient shield, made of brass completed with a hammered surface to give you that sophisticated, textured look.

Eco friendly and fair trade rings are sound investments, such as the flower ring that's made of glass beads and brass and comes in purple and silver colors. This particular piece was manufactured in India and was sourced directly from producers. The artisans were also paid fair wages and work in a clean and safe conditions.

A square shell ring is another great piece of accessory you might want to invest on. Specially handcrafted in Bali, it is set in pure sterling silver, and the square shell used are not the endangered varieties so it doesn't go against your personal advocate. It features that lovely iridescent golden yellow hue with touches of blue, green and pink making it a perfectly simple yet very elegant piece.

These unique and beautiful rings are either eco friendly or fair trade. When you buy eco riendly and fair trade rings, you know that people and planet have been considered when the rings were made. Pristine Planet has brought together some of the most unique rings on the internet.