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Reusable Wine Bags


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Reusable Wine Bags | Canvas Wine Bags

Nothing completes a picnic better than a bottle of wine brought with you in style. Try these reusable wine bags. Choose from a wide selection of the most charming reusable wine bags and canvas wine bags where each one is earth friendly and can also provide a unique accent to your outfit. You can choose from the different canvas wine bags from the list.

Have more than one bottle to bring? No worries for now you can pack your pair in the Two Bottle White Jute Wine Bag. Its simple white design makes it stylish and fit for any occasion. There is a divider inside so your bottles won't clink with each other or cause any damage or breakage. Pursuing some sales leads? There is also a tag provided where your business card can be inserted for ultimate convenience.

If you want to give a bottle of wine to someone with a little fashion and flair, try the cotton batik wine tasting pattern bag. It is made of 100% cotton batik and can be used for other purposes other than wine. It is made in stylish red which makes it eye-catching and fashion forward. Specially handcrafted with love all the way from Ghana, it is a beautiful gift to give at Christmas. Imagine that, you are not only giving wine in a great reusable wine bag, you are giving a pretty bag as well.

You can also wrap your wine in an exquisite embroidered patchwork wine bottle holder that is produced by fair trade quilts and crafts. You are sure to steal eyes and hearts with its brightly colored patterns and unique design. Because all of these bags are made from 100% all natural and earth friendly materials, you will not only be helping cooperatives in Ghana, you are doing your part for the environment too. Let's toast to that!

These great reusable wine totes are really good for carrying your wine with you when you go to a friends, out on a picnic or on a hike. Some of these wine totes are better for gift giving, and the neoprene wine totes help to keep your wine the right temperature, and a bit more protected.