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Other Water Bottles

Water is an important element of anyone's day. It is good that there are now tons of safe water bottles available in the market. Choose from a great selection of glass water bottles that you can use again and again. there are also stainless steel water bottles and other types of reusable water bottles for your safety and convenience.

The CamelBak Podium Chill bottle is BPA-free and insulated so it keeps your drinks at the temperature it is meant to be at for hours. It is best for runners, cyclists and anyone else having fun under the sun. You can also store it in your bag for gym use. It's got tons of awesome features which makes it one of the best names when it comes to water bottles. It's got a universal cap which allows you to mix and match with all other Podium bottles. It Is made with a special antimicrobial technology that keeps your beverage safe and germ-free. The bottle is squeezable so you get to drink with less spills and it's got a valve that is self-sealing with a lid that locks to prevent any kind of leak.

Another great water bottle to try out is the Aqua Classic Bottle 5, a member of the Envirosax collection. They are made from stainless steel which has been certified to be BPA-free. These water bottles have a screw top lid that fits perfectly to prevent any kind of leak. Each one is made with super funky designs that are sure to make you stand out wherever you go.

There are also EarthLust bottles made by hand from only the highest quality stainless steel. It is painted on using non-toxic painting materials and is BPA-safe. a high quality carbineer also accompanies each bottle. They are a safe, more affordable and super cool alternative to buying plastic water bottles each time.

There are so many good safe water bottles now on the market. Now you can choose from a lot of metal water bottles that are easy to reuse again and again. You can even choose a glass reusable water bottle.

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I needed a new water bottle and I was attracted to this one because I thought it looked great, and when it arrived I wasn't disappointed. It does look pretty cool! It has a glass lined inside part with a pretty thick cylinder of bamboo around it. The whole thing disassembles by unscrewing the ends, which is nice because you can wash the glass bottle bit and keep the bamboo dry. It is a bit heavy compared to some other bottles I've had, and the bottom fitting catches a bit on my cup holder when I have it in the car, so I have to give it a bit of a tug to get it out. Since it is a bit on the heavy side I would not recommend this as either an exercise water bottle or one for kids since it might have trouble getting into most lunch boxes. But the glass inside makes this a great bottle for warm drinks. So if you wanted to have a warm drink this bottle is also great for that... I bought one for a friend and he loves it too!