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Reusable Lunch Containers


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Reusable Lunch Containers

When it comes to choosing a reusable lunch container, you don't need to compromise quality. The good news is there are a number of stainless steel lunch sets, organic lunch kits, and other reusable lunch container sets that perfectly fit the bill. Store your sandwiches, chips and dips and even soups without worrying about spillage and spoilage with our wide collection of the finest quality reusable lunch containers in the market today.

One product that has been getting rave reviews is the Lock & Lock Leak Proof 3-Set Piece. This one is definitely packed with all the goods. Featuring airtight and leak-proof storage, it is safe to use for both the freezer and microwave. It is also stain-resistant and free of any phthalates and lead, so you can use and reuse it for months and years. With its four hinge locking mechanism and sealed caps, you can carry it around without worrying about messy spillages. So if you want your food fresh and secure every single time, this one definitely comes with high recommendations.

Another equally popular product is the BlueAvocado Ultra-Compact Lunch Tote, which is an insulated bag to allow you to store and carry your meals hot or cold for hours. There is nothing more unappealing than cold soup or soggy desserts. With this chic lunch bag you can fit in your lunch box or container and look forward to another fresh, appetizing meal.

A new great option is the Eco Lunchbox Stainless Steel Food Container. Unlike food baggies, this container protects your food from getting squished. It also comes with a stainless steel cup with a no-leak lid that you can use to store sauces, dressings and yogurts. This product is Lead, BPA and Phthalate free, making a healthy, practical choice.

These reusable lunch containers help to fight the problem of waste produced from sack lunches. Think about all those plastic bags, foil and paper napkins in the lunches you send to school and work.

Comments for Reusable Lunch Containers

We ordered these stainless steel containers for school lunches and have been happy with them. The fact they are dishwasher safe is a big plus. No more handwashing of plastic snack containers!!

This little lunch container is great. Made out of stainless steel it is easy to wash and a lot of times just needs a quick rinse. I put sandwiches in these for my kids lunches and they fit perfectly. I have seen other reviews that it is too small, but for a regular sized sandwich it fits fine. Like peanut butter and jelly maybe. However, if you wanted to put in a thick sandwich, like a sub type of sandwich made with french bread perhaps, it would have a tough time getting in. And the top doesn't snap on, it just fits snugly, so you can't mash something down and then put the top on and have it keep everything in. But for a lunch container for every day use with regular sandwiches this is great.

These containers are nice. The container and the top are made out of stainless steel, which is great. The top fits well, but some other containers I have had had lids that fit a bit more snugly. If I put a decent sized sandwich in there that is a bit thick, the lid has a bit of a tough time staying closed. These containers are fairly wide and long, but not all that deep. I originally got them to use for our kids lunches, but they are a bit too large for the purpose and now I use them mainly for food storage in the fridge and they work well for that. Compared to typical plastic storage containers this works much better.