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Reusable Glass Water Bottles


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Reusable Glass Water Bottles

Using reusable glass water bottles is a cool and eco friendly way to quench your thirst on the go. Rather than spending a few dollars on plastic bottles (that do little to retain the temperature of your drink), glass water bottles keeps water and you, cool. The awesome selection includes water bottles of all shapes, colors and sizes to suit your different style and needs.

Try the Thermo-O Terra Double Walled Glass Water Bottle with Tea Filter by Aquaovo. It's an all new design created by the talented Aquaovo and retains the functionality and the sophistication that they are known for. All materials that make up this 8 oz thermos are approved by the FDA. The glass bottle is insulated which means your cold beverage is kept cold and your hot drink is kept hot while keeping right to the touch. It has a tea strainer made of stainless steel that you can remove along with its own splash guard made of silicone. It is a great alternative to using disposable tea bags or paper cups.

Lifefactory has a sleek new glass water bottle with an extra cool silicone sleeve. This 22 oz bottle is PVC-, phthalate-, BPA- and polycarbonate- free. It is a refreshingly safe alternative to plastic throw away water bottles that are really cluttering our environment. This glass water bottle is perfect for your cold and hot beverages safe alternative to wasteful disposable water bottles as well as reusable plastic and metal bottles. It is also made with a wide mouth design to make cleaning hassle-free.

If you want to look extra stylish and colorful on the go, take a Takeya Silicone Sleeve glass water bottle with you. No chemical or metallic aftertaste when you take a swig from this super cool water jug.