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They say that when giving gifts, it is the thought that goes behind it that counts. They also say that it is the gift itself and not how beautifully wrapped it is that matters. But here at Pristine Planet, we take our gift-giving quite seriously.

We want the gifts you give to be perfect from inside to out, which is why we also offer a fine selection of eco gift bags.

Our Follow Your Dreams Sweet Paper Gift Bag features an inspiring and ethereal design that is perfect for individuals who have embarked on a journey to reach their dreams. There is no sweeter gift than letting a person know you are behind them all the way, and you can certainly do that with a wonderful reusable gift bag, which also includes a pair of gift sheets made of matching recycled tissue. Each reusable gift bag is also accompanied with a matching gift card.

And just in case you are wondering about the term “Sweet Paper”, there is more to it than merely being a creatively chosen name. Sweet Paper actually refers to papers composed from 50% recycled fiber while the other half is made of sugar cane bagasse, the primary waste product from sugar refining businesses. This material is perfect for making eco gift bags as it reduces the number of trees involved.

If you are giving a gift to someone who enjoys the finer things in life, he or she is likely to appreciate your organic gifts when they come prettily wrapped and contained inside Handmade Tree Free Gift Bags.

As with the term sweet paper, “tree free” is also something that means more than just a rhyme. Rather it is a label used to indicate that these elegant and tasteful reusable gift bags have been handmade using materials that have not caused any destruction to any trees. Rather, they were made from naturally discarded remains of tree barks.