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Religious Statues And Icons For Sale


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Religious Statues and Icons

Religious items can also be eco friendly. This 100% green collection features various religious statues for sale; all are made from recycled and all natural materials. Now you can devote even the more traditional aspects of your life into your mission to help protect the environment. These religious icons for sale will keep you in reverence with your beliefs and with nature at the same time.

Pay respect to the patron saint of animals with a marvelously handcrafted St. Francis statue by Brass Baron. Made especially for animal lovers, it is a welcome and brightening addition to any garden or home corner. It is furnished with a solid brass casting and itsí bronze finish makes it completely weatherproof. Rain or shine, you can now have St. Francis looking after your plants and animals.

The selection of religious statues and icons for sale also includes Latin nail crosses. These elegantly handcrafted crosses are made with nails that are used for shoeing horses, all recycled! You can adjust the cord length to give it your own personal flair. There are three different sizes to choose from, depending on who you wish to give it to as a gift. They make perfect tokens at confirmations and retreats.

Looking for some divine inspiration to get you through the day? Here is a wonderful accessory that may just do the trick: An Inspirational Stretch Bangle With a silver-plated Cross. Each one is carefully constructed by hand under Fair Trade conditions from as far away as Uganda and Kenya. Look carefully and be surprised that each colorful bead is actually made from recycled magazine pages which have been rolled up and lacquered. Not only is it earth friendly, the idea also gives it a fun and unique twist!

Find your own religious statue or accessory, either for style or for inspiration from this wide collection of green and all-natural products.

Even your religious items can be eco friendly. From an eco friendly statue of St. Francis to a Recycled Glass Cross Stretch Bracelet, you can change even the most traditional parts of your life to be a little more green.