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Reflector CFLs


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The light bulb must be one of man’s greatest inventions, because it enabled us to produce light where and when needed it, thus enabling us to perform activities where we otherwise could not. However, lighting technology is advancing, and modern lighting is much more efficient than the original incandescent bulbs. At Pristine Planet we advocate the use of ultramodern lighting so we can reduce our power consumption as well as reduce waste in the form of discarded bulbs.

The reflector CFL is one such choice that we advocate. A reflector bulb is basically a bulb that has a part of its insides coated to prevent light from escaping. The uncoated part then produces a focused beam, so this reflector bulb is great for spot lighting rather than diffuse lighting. The coating inside the reflector bulb reflects the light meant to go out the sides towards the uncoated “opening” – thus increasing the effective intensity of this light.

Prior to the most modern advances in lighting, the halogen reflector was the spot lighting bulb of choice. However, the old versions of these halogen lamps were wasteful, with a lot of the consumed energy going to heat. In fact, these bulbs could get so hot that they can set paper on fire, should it come in contact. They were also prone to oil and salt damage which reduces their lifespan. Now, new halogen reflector bulbs are safe and efficient.

However today, you have the choice of reflector CFL. These lamps make use of fluorescent technology in a compact form, hence the name compact fluorescent lamp (CFL). On the whole, these reflector bulbs consume less electricity yet produce similar levels of light as halogen lamps. Additionally, each reflector CFL produces much less heat than a halogen lamp of the same brightness, and what’s more, CFL lamps last longer than halogen lamps.

For us at PristinePLanet.com, the choice is clear – it’s CFL or bust.