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Red LEDs


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Red is one of the most symbolic of all colors. For many, it symbolizes passion, love, blood and rage. It is the color used to provoke bulls into a rage, and in marketing psychology it is considered the ultimate color to use if you want to draw people’s attention to an important piece of information.

As such, it is no big surprise if you are interested in using energy sipping red LEDs to decorate your home or office. Decorating your home with red Christmas lights this season will make your neighbors red with envy.

Here at Pristine Planet, our collection of red LEDs are meant to function as both aesthetic ornaments as well as grab the attention of your potential clients.

During the holidays, you can set your house apart from other homes in the neighborhood by opting for a classy set of all red Christmas lights. Your house can also look quite elegant if you opt for a red-and-white lighting combination.

For a little bit of color but without going overboard and turning your home into a rainbow’s paradise, you should also consider using our triple lighting combination of red, green, and white. This is a unique combination that can be fun or serious in its symbolic meaning. Everyone knows that red and green make up a Christmas-themed combination, but white can mean all sorts of things.

White can mean purity or is meant to remind you about the whiteness of snow. White can be the color of the robes of angel or of peace in heaven and earth during the holidays.

Ultimately, just remember that what your private reasons are for selecting your lighting set are just that: private. As long as your choices look great on your home, then there is no reason for you to start worrying about what other people have to say.

In the end, it is your house and it is what you like that matters!