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Framing your precious photos to protect them is a wonderful activity and now it can be even better since you can use this wide variety of eco friendly picture frames some of which are recycle picture frames and others which are made from equally interesting an planet-friendly materials.

Recycled wood picture frames are eco friendly picture frames. These picture frames are constructed from wood sourced from old furniture. Reclaimed redwood picture frames for example are made from old dismantled redwood furniture. That means more redwood items available for your home without having to cut down a venerable tree.

Aside from using reclaimed wood, picture frames can also be made from the wood of trees not normally used for furniture and the like. Mango wood picture frames are made from the wood of mango trees that have passed their fruit-bearing phase. Instead of being simply cut down and disposed of, these trees are used to make items like these.

One surprise is recycled elephant dung. Elephant dung has lots of fibers, and after processing makes a clean paper that requires little processing to transform into various products, such as picture frames.

Wood is not the only thing you can recycle. Bicycle chain picture frames reuse old bicycle chains and transform them into functional picture frames. These add an industrial look to your living space too. Metal washers can also be recycled into picture frames, and the result also has a grungy industrial feel to it. Even circuit boards can be recycled to make picture frames for a more cyber-inclined look and feel.

For those looking for more organic choices, picture frames made from bone and horn material can be "it". These are made from bones and horns that would normally be thrown away, but with proper processing can be made into beautiful organic and resource-efficient items.

Recycled picture frames enable you to keep your mementos safe while keeping at least some trash from filling up our dumps and landfills. Cherish your memories and help the planet!

Looking for just the right eco friendly picture frame for your photos? These unique green picture frames will be perfect to present your favorite images.