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Men's Slippers

For men's slipper needs, nothing can be more comfortable than a pair of men's organic slippers from this collection. The recycled slippers are easy to fit in a bag and are ideal for travelers. The EVA midsole is compression-molded and is dual density for more comfort and durability. The technology provides great cushioning for long walks. The footbed is made from pigskin leather which conforms to the shape of your foot over a period of time.

The outsole of the recycled men's slippers is made of Hevea milk latex and is stitched, minimizing adhesive and solvent use. Softness and comfort is what you will get with the vegan slip on slippers. It features a wool-blend upper that has suede water-repellant detailing. The lining is sport-mesh and is great at wicking away moisture. It also has Agion to make it odor- and bacteria-free.

For easy entry, the opening of the vegan slip on shoe is detailed with double gore. The footbed is made with molded PU and contours to the shape of your foot. The men's organic slippers from this selection are made with a lightweight outsole material made from new and flexible rubber. It is pressed by hand with the natural fibers of jute. It is durable and comfortable, good for long walks and hikes.

Slip your feet into pure comfort with soft men's slippers from this selection. It has Berber fleece which makes the upper warm and soft. It has a lining made out of microfleece to keep your feet snug and safe. It also helps wick away any built up moisture to keep your feet cool and dry. It has a foam heel to toe high density cushioning for extra blissful feet.

For a super fine and comfortable day, ease on the organic slip on for men. Its' lining and footbed is made of recycled fleece that is effective in keeping away any moisture. The slippers are fitted with air cushion plus technology that provides your feet shock absorption. The leather is made with pigskin that is corduroy embossed and water resistant. That means your feet are kept dry and comfy when wearing the slip on.

These eco friendly slippers are going to keep the feet of the man in your house toasty warm. Some of these men's slippers are recycled, organic or are made from jute. When you buy some of these men's slippers you'll feel good, feet warm and knowing you did something good for the earth.