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Eco Friendly Scarves


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For the best scarf ideas, check out this wide selection to find everything from recycled silk scarves to hemp scarves. You can also find fair trade scarves that are made with 100% cotton material and woven with splendid rayon thread. The scarf is made with a weaver group from San Juan and takes two days to make. The fringe is carefully braided by hand. The measurement of the scarf equals 7 and a half by 61 inches.

The versatile scarf is a beautiful mix of rayon threads and cotton in luscious color combinations. The scarf is hand made by groups of women from rural communities in Guatemala. Making these scarves provides these women with a livelihood and income to be able to care for their families.

If you are looking for recycled cotton scarves, check out the recycled cotton sari scarf that comes in many beautiful colors to complement your outfits. The sari is inspired by the traditional Indian women dress. The materials for the sari are purchased from the poorer areas of Calcutta at a fair rate.

Tailored by hand, cotton scarves provide jobs for more than 50 individuals in one of the most impoverished places in the world. Scarves are made with different fabrics and are very soft and comfortable to the touch.

Some scarves are designed with a "worn" look to add to their character. Each measures around 8 inches wide by 70 inches long. You can wrap the scarf around your neck more than once to keep you warm or just once for a more casual stylish look. It makes a great gift to someone just as special.

The PashBu is made with lightweight materials and comes in many different colors. It is very soft and comfortable to the skin, made from organically grown materials from forests that have been sustainably managed. The PashBu is great to be worn for either day or night occasions. The PashBu measures 30 inches by 74 inches and is the perfect addition to any stylish woman’s wardrobe.

Recycled silk scarves are a great way to enhance your outfit and give it another lease on life. A silk scarf can make all the difference for a suit or coat you might have considered throwing away. There is an organic silk scarf available in a style that will work for you.