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Photo Albums

Great memories captured in a photograph need a photo album that does not only serve the purpose of keeping them safe. How about a photo album that comes close to the beauty of the moments of happiness captured in your photos. A photo album that will give the 'once upon a time' to your stories. You can get this and more from handmade photo albums.

Do you want to tell the story of how you grew up? Let the Baby Bear Photo Album help you with that. This combination of embroidery and recycled fabric will preserve your photographs with its recycled acid-free cotton paper and natural acid free interleaves. This is a photo album that will last a lifetime because it uses cotton fiber paper that can evade fading, discoloration, and deterioration, keeping your memories alive with each page.

Sing a Whole New World with the Indian-inspired Floral Photo Album! Soft hues of pinks and greens decorate the cover of this bound photo album, which can also be used for sketching, oil painting, pastels, and a scrapbook.

Looking for a craft photo album? The Mowani Sparkling Green/Silver Photo Album will serve that purpose elegantly. Feast your eyes on its glittering interplay of silver and green before you go on and reminisce the bygone days of frolicking under the sun. You might be inspired to go and invite your long-time buddies to an outdoor escapade just to fill all the pages.

Going green does not mean you have to compromise your artistic sensibilities. My Moments African Photo Album displays a picturesque hand painted design of an African child drinking from a calabash. This leather album from Kenya is truly an art with a purpose. There are a variety of designs to choose from these recycled photo albums. You will not only be saving your precious memories but the environment too!

Making a photo album is a great way to keep your memories alive, and these eco friendly photo albums are beautiful. You can get handmade photo albums and fair trade photo albums that you'll be happy to hand down to the next generation.