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Eco Friendly Pencils | Recycled Pencils

Whether is for your little one who is slowly starting to discover the wonders of writing or for your own sketching needs, recycled pencils is a great way to cross those t's and dot those i's. Introduce your child to green living with our colorful pencil sets that is designed to make learning and writing so much fun. Take a peek at our collection and you will soon find out why most of our customers who bought stylish and eco friendly pencils will never go back to using the traditional ones.

Enjoy writing every stroke and every line with the 12-piece TreeSmart newspaper pencil set that comes with 6 green rulers. Made of 100% recycled newspaper material, it's an eye catching piece that is sure to draw attention and envy. Ordinary pencils are made out of 4 billion trees that have been cut down, leading to habitat loss and deforestation. With this pre-sharpened pencil set, you can help the environment in the most pleasurable way.

It you are looking for colorful set for drawing and sketching, Smencils Gourmet Scented Pencils, which comes in a pack of 10 presents a wonderful choice. It is also made from 100% recycled newspapers, available in 10 gourmet fragrances that will last up to 2 years. If the stylish design won’t get to you, the scent surely will.

Show your child that writing doesn’t have to be such a chore with the 12-pack Wildlife Pencils that is also made from 100% recycled newspaper. Unlike the other commercial pencils that easily break and poorly sharpen, this set from O'BON is made of tightly rolled recycled newspapers that take the lead in the latest design in pencils. It is also designed to last 2-3 times longer that the wood pencils. Your child will surely look forward to every sharpening as the newspaper casing slowly unfurls.

Eco friendly pencils will be the perfect pencil when you're writing your next novel or drawing your next masterpiece. These recycled pencils are not only fun to use, but come in beautiful pencils.

Comments for Eco Friendly Pencils

These pencils are so cool! Each one has an animal on it and the animal is also written on the pencil. My kids love them. They are colored, sharpen easily and I love being able to buy an eco friendly pencil instead of one that uses wood.. why not when you have the option? Good price, great service.

This product is cool and I love the fact that these pencils are made out of recycled paper instead of wood. Awesome. The box says that they sharpen easily, but this was not my experience on our manual auto feed sharpener. The kind where you pull out the cage, it grabs on to the pencil, and then feeds in the pencil while you crank the handle. I had to keep resetting it (pulling out the cage so it could grab the pencil again). However, I switched to the good old sharpener that is in every kids pencil case (a simple blade housed in a little case and you spin the pencil to sharpen the pencil) and then these pencils from TreeSmart sharpened great. Easier than a wood pencil. My kids dig these pencils, they like that they are more eco friendly than alternatives, they understand that these don't use trees, and they like that fact. They also enjoy trying to decipher a few words from the newsprint which you can actually still see a bit of from the recycled paper. My knock on these pencils though is the pretty massive size of the logo on the pencil. I don't mind a brand doing some branding, but wow.. maybe a bit smaller on the next batch please. Overall a 4. Good for the environment, gets the job done, easy replacement.