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Recycled Paper Products


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It is difficult to find household recycled paper products that don’t feel like a piece of tree bark when rubbed on your skin in any market. However, we at Pristine Planet know the value of functionality, environmentally sound and comfort even in a product that will be thrown out after one use.

Whether you’re at home, at work or on the road, the organic medicated and flushable tush wipes guarantees a fresh and clean feeling even after the most sordid of “events.” The alcohol-free formula and recyclable materials ensures that no toxic wastes will be produced after flushing the wipes.

Need to wipe your make-up off? Or do you simply need to blow your stuffy nose into a tissue? We also offer facial tissue products that are made from 100% recycled materials.

Natural Value’s facial tissues are guaranteed ink, dye and chemical free, making it safe to use on the most sensitive part of your body. Place a box in your living room, kitchen, boudoir, car and nursery for added convenience.

You can also choose Seventh Generation’s hypo-allergenic facial tissues to use for your extra-sensitive skin. Whitened using only natural processes, every single sheet is dye and fragrance free and most importantly, recyclable.

Looking for durable paper towels to wipe your hands or kitchen counter with? Seventh Generation also offers 2-ply paper towels made from at least 80% consumer waste. These strong paper towels are extra absorbent and are processed using environmentally safe procedures making it safe for cooking purposes.

Eco paper products are a good way to minimize toxic wastes that are killing the planet. Because paper products are daily necessities, you would be helping the environment while keeping your household, office or car clean and maintaining healthy personal hygiene.

We know the importance of merging eco-friendliness with personal consumption that’s why our recycled paper products are guaranteed to satisfy both.