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Eco Friendly Mirrors


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This wide selection of recycled mirror products includes shapes and styles of all kinds. Cask and Crown mirrors are made from reclaimed materials like wine oak barrels and recycled pine from barn timbers. Reusing wood makes the mirrors not only eco friendly but stylishly rustic-looking too. Its frame is etched with the trademark logo of the Cask & Crown pub.

The construction of these mirrors is made with a combination of steel fasteners for added strength and also features wood joinery. The reclaimed wood mirrors are finished in hand-rubbed stains and covered with several lacquer coats to give them an antique look. The product is made in the USA and is perfect to display in your wine cellar or pub.

The Barrel Ring mirror is made of rustic looking reused wood as well. White pine is used and made with an actual steel barrel ring placed on the outer side of its frame. It adds an authentic wine barrel look to the mirror. The mirror is made from recycled wine barrels and can be displayed in any part of your room. The Barrel Ring mirror is 26" diameter.

This style was popularized by Michael Chiarello, furniture which is made from reused white oak barrels. These wine barrels are taken from California and France wine regions. The Wall Sculpture Garden Mirror is made by artist Henry Harvey. The mirror does wonders to a bare wall. Not only does it provide you with a reflection, it is also elegant and has a country feel to it. It can be hung on the hallway, bathroom or your bedroom.

It comes in many different shapes, sizes and colors. The sculpture is made from at least 75% recycled material. A combination of copper, bronze, brass, glass, steel and iron were used in producing this mirror sculpture. Various coloring techniques were applied to complete the look.

Looking for an eco friendly mirror? You can find teak mirrors, recycled mirrors and more on Pristine Planet. Some of the eco friendly mirrors are made from recycled wine barrels and barns. These mirrors are beautiful and will look great on your wall.