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Recycled Glass Suncatchers


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Recycled Glass Suncatchers

Racking your brains for new and exciting gift ideas? Search no more and check out this collection of recycled glass suncatchers. These glass suncatchers are stunning pieces that you can hang on your windows to catch the reflection of the sun. They are great for accessorizing a home and adding a beautiful touch to any space.

Suncatchers are great symbols of love, peace and light. These simple yet gorgeous pieces are made from 100% recycled materials so they are environmentally sound as they are pleasing to the eyes. The next time that you are at a loss on what to give your favorite teacher or your lovely hostess, look no further than our suncatcher collection.

Each piece is specially handcrafted from recycled post consumer materials with a technique that has been passed on from centuries ago. Each piece carries a bit of history with it as the glass used in these originate from the historic glass making region of New Hampshire.

There is a bit of whimsy and romantic in these elegantly etched pieces and you would be pleased at the range of designs available. As each piece is uniquely made by hand, you will discover that no two pieces are the same. There will be color variations, some charming bends, bubbles and off-center pressings. All these add to the charm of every suncatcher.

Imagine a turquoise green charm with the face of the great American poet and philosopher Henry David Thoreau on it. It is a great conversation starter as each piece can uniquely represent your values and ideals. There are also suncatchers which are etched with a simple sun, set on a beautiful amber-tinted glass plate. It makes a perfect gift to a friend or someone who is fond of the sun. These suncatchers are great ways to cement friendships and celebrate relationships.

A recycled glass suncatcher is a beautiful way to adorn any window or garden and they also make great gifts for a teacher or as a hostess gift. Choose from handmade suncatchers that are crafted from post-consumer recycled glass using a centuries-old technique. Some of the recycled suncatchers are made in New Hampshire's historic glass making region.