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Eco Friendly Hats


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Hats can be symbols of some professions, but for everyone else, hats are accessories that keep the sun out of our eyes and provide warmth during cold weather.

Paper boy hemp hats have that classic paper boy design and are constructed from hemp. Hemp is a relatively fast-growing plant and also requires little pesticide, so growing it organically is not difficult. These hats feature snap brims and comfortable cotton sweatbands, and antique-look brass clasp for a truly classic look.

Organic caps made from cotton are soft and breathable. Cotton is one of the most popular fabrics known to man, and the organically grown varieties are getting much attention. The organic cotton used to make these hats has not been blanched, so it has a creamy vanilla color. The addition of 2% polyester adds durability to this hat.

Aside from being concerned about the environment, we should also be concerned about fair business practices. Fair trade hats are hats produced with fair business practices throughout, ensuring no one is underpaid for their products or services.

Fleece hats are light, non-absorbent, and warm. This makes them easy choices for cold-weather gear. Fleece is made from PET, the same stuff used for soda bottles, and in fact those same bottles can be recycled to make fleece. Fleece also dries quickly, but it is normally not that windproof. It is light compared to most fabrics despite its deep pile.

Keeping your head cool is a breeze with solar fan caps. These caps have small integrated fans that run on solar energy, keeping your head cool when you are out under the sun. It is a simple concept in hindsight, and it works.

Hats can keep your head cool or warm, depending on the style and fabric, and can provide some protection for our precious noggins.

Adorable eco friendly hats that you will keep your head nice and toasty without adding to global warming. Seriously you're going to love these eco friendly hats. You'll be able to find a unique hat that will suit your style.