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Coin Purses

Keep your coins in an eco friendly and beautiful recycled coin purse from this collection. Now your coins are kept safe and sound in this recycled handmade coin purse with a zipper. Each one has a zipper with a loop. It is great for attaching a charm or a keychain. Each purse is made from approximately 10 plastic bags. Inside the purse you will find the name of the woman who handmade your purse. They come in many different colors which are due to the variations in recycling. The sizes are at an average of 4 inches by 5 inches.

The plastic baggie replacements are great for carrying your reusable utensils and napkins when eating out. The construction and materials are durable and long lasting, you can use them everyday. Each of the baggies has been tested for safety and is kid-friendly. They are made of post-consumer materials and are colored with inks that are lead-free.

For a rugged style, the revved up eco friendly coin purse is for you. They are made from reclaimed inner tubes and are made by hand. Each piece is durable with nylon straps that may be adjusted for extra versatility and comfort. The bags are made from tires that are no longer useful. Each bag is made by a community in El Salvador which helps them with their livelihood.

The handmade little jogi zip coin purse is made by hand in the beautiful style of kantha which is a traditional style in India. It is made with colorful fabrics and has running stitch accents. The bag is created from all recycled fabrics. Each purse is one of a kind. You can keep your wallet inside the bag along with some makeup, a purse and your mp3 player. The zipper is on top and you can wear the bag on your wrist through the strap.

Keep your change in a cute and eco-friendly foil candy wrapper purse. The purses are made in Mexico with the use of recycled foil candy wrappers.

These eco friendly coin purses are amazing. There are so many options from which to choose. Choose from recycled candy wrapper coin purses, hemp coin purses and more. There are even some really beautiful fair trade coin purses made from recycled saris. These coin purses are truly amazing, and they make a great gift (especially when you put a gift card inside).