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Recycled Outdoor Coffee Tables | Polywood Coffee Tables

Is your outdoor coffee table starting to take a beating from harsh outdoor weather? You may want to try out recycled coffee tables that are made with Polywood which is made with recycled plastic products. Polywood is very durable and can stand up to harsh weather conditions. So whatever the weather, you can be sure that your coffee table is protected and is always looking as good as new. This great selection of outdoor patio coffee table furniture will have you waking bright and early for your morning brew.

For those impromptu garden get-togethers, the Polywood Nautical 37-inch Coffee/ Conversation Table would be a perfect place to snack. It is made from high quality 100% recycled Polywood but looks like fine wood furniture. That is what you call being eco-friendly in style. Built with a bigger space on its tray, it is ideal for serving snacks, coffee and maybe even play a board game or two. It is built to last any weather conditions so you can have late night conversations and early morning breakfasts for two. Whether there is a light summer rain or a chilly October night, you will still love sitting around this table chatting for hours on end.

For a stylish addition to your patio, get the Polywood Club Coffee Table which is designed to complement the Polywood Club Furniture Collection. Having these beautifully crafted 100% recycled furniture in your outdoor space is sure to add a warm and interesting touch to your décor. You can use this table for your morning coffee and brunch or even as a special arts and crafts table for your kids' use. Its special finish makes it look like authentic outdoor wood furniture but because it is actually durable Polywood, you get no fuss in the maintenance and upkeep.

For bigger gatherings, the Polywood Nautical 44-inch Coffee/ Conversation Table may just be what you need. Now you have more reason to party outdoors with the table's roomier space for appetizers, snack, drinks and other party favors. It is designed to match with other Polywood Nautical Furniture Pieces for a more synchronized look. The 100% recycled Polywood is made to look exactly like outdoor wooden furniture but is more durable and fuss-free. It is designed to weather any storm, so you can be sure that it will last you more barbeques and breakfasts than other coffee tables in the market.

Looking for an outdoor coffee table that can stand up to whatever weather comes its way? You might want to try a polywood coffee table. Made from recycled plastic, polywood is very durable. It's a great product for making long lasting outdoor furniture. Start up a great conversation around your new outdoor coffee table at your next BBQ.