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Recycled Benches


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Do you have a garden or happen to be responsible for procuring outdoor benches for some project? Well, at PristinePlanet.com we want you to choose the more environmentally-friendly option whenever possible. Why get a bench made from scratch materials when you can get an equally-good recycled bench? Not only do you get something to sit on, you keep trash out of our landfills and dump sites.

Choosing a recycled bench does not mean having to give up on form or function. For example, you can check out our selection of Polywood bench models. Every Polywood bench is made from recycled plastic, though you might not be able to tell. Why throw away good plastic (which will not degrade for thousands of years) when you can use it to make new products? The more plastic that is recycled, the less that goes into the dumps, and the less new plastic we need to make! Plus, the various styles make it easy to pick an eco bench that will complement your garden perfectly.

You can also choose a recycled bench made from reclaimed pieces like snowboards and the like. Itís edgy and cool, and reduces trash even if only by a little bit. These are rather rare, so if youíre interested, this is the opportunity you canít miss.

If stone is your kind of thing, then our naturally-aged stone garden eco bench is for you. Hand-carved, they were aged in a greenhouse and possess clean lines. These eco benches are even covered with a layer of living moss. Get that old garden feel without actually waiting for it!

Of course, there is just something about wooden benches, particularly teak garden benches that other benches cannot match. If you do go for wood products, make sure to buy from companies who take responsibility by using sustainable materials and practice reforesting.