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Eco Bathroom


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More and more people are looking into or actively building greener, cleaner homes. With the wealth of options now available, it is becoming easier and easier to build your very own eco bathroom. Whether it’s conserving water, using recycled materials for building or, Pristine Planet has got everything you need to turn your bathroom green.

Start with organic cloth towels, every eco-friendly bathroom should have one. Not only are they super soft and absorbent, they are made without using pesticides, harmful dyes or dangerous chemicals. We have towels of every size, material and color.

Try the Organic Combed Cotton Pure White Towel Set or the Bamboo Tangerine Red Towel Set to experience the luxury only organic can provide.

The organic bathroom is not complete without a natural shower curtain or two like Bean Product’s All Natural Cotton Shower Curtain which does not require a plastic liner. These curtains resist mold and mildew better than plastic curtains. They are easy to air dry and do not billow outwards or stick to you while you take your daily shower.

Our recycled bathroom products add a dash of eco ingenuity to your bath time, like the Classic Recycled Soap Dish. This sturdy dish fits in with any style or décor theme. Pair that with the Urban Recycled Glass Toothbrush Caddy or Recycled Glass Toothbrush Holder for a sleek, modern feel.

Complete your eco bathroom with a water saving shower head and water saving toilet tank pump. A dual flush pump like One2Flush saves you water and money by using the correct amount of water every single time you use it. Regulate your showers with Alson’s Water Saving Shower Heads which can save up to 36% more water every single time you use it.

Small and big changes not only save you money but also save the planet. Your eco bathroom awaits. You will never shower guiltily again.