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Eco Friendly Pot Holders


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Organic Cotton Pot Holders

Cooking is an art and like all artists, it's important to have all the necessary safety tools to ensure that the final product won't come at the price of your comfort. We know the importance of keeping yourself protected in the kitchen, that's why we've gatehred up the best cotton pot holders in the market so that you can access your pots and pans without burning your hands and fingers.

All our pot holders are made from organic cotton which promises that they were produced using eco-friendly technology and practices. The organic cotton pot holders are 100% chemical free and are grown and harvested using organic farming techniques that not only makes the cotton a more sustainable crop, but also enhances its immediate environment.

The designs and colors were printed using low-impact dye that won't discolor or fade when washed, ensuring that toxic dyes won't get mixed up with the water and that you'll be able to enjoy its beautiful and lovely designs longer.

There are a variety of designs and colors to choose from to match your style or your kitchen theme. You can select square or mitt styles depending on your need. If you want to get more pieces at a more practical cost, you can opt for the OK Organic Kitchen Accessories Leaf which comes with two kitchen towels, a pot mitt and a dish cloth. We also have a Pan Handle cover that is handmade from Guatemala that is both stylish and functional.

All cotton pot holders are designed to withstand even hot cast iron skillets so you can be sure that your hands are safe even when the kitchen and its pots and pans get too hot.

Use an Organic cotton pot holder so you won't burn your hands. These Organic cotton and hemp oven mitts and pot holders are great organic kitchen accessories. Pristine Planet offers a large selection of different designs of organic pot holders and hemp oven mitts. You'll be happy you chose organic, and you'll love the quality and design of the pot holders.