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Organic Diaper Changing Mats


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Organic Diaper Changing Mats

Change your baby in a natural and environmental way! Choose from this great selection of organic changing pad ideas and change the way you consume products forever.

Naturepedic Organic Cotton Diaper Changing pads are made from organically grown materials. There is no waste on your part and your baby's bottom is kept happy at the same time. Having a quality changing diaper pad also makes the job of diaper changing a lot easier. Made especially for the eco-conscious parent, you will have no trouble slipping your baby into a fresh pair of organic diapers with Organic 4 Sided Contoured Changing Pad.

Want to change your baby's diapers in the most comfortable way possible? The Holy Lamb Changing Table Pad is designed to give you the most optimized experience with its ergonomic design and top quality handicraft. It is made with durable and comfortable organic cotton and is stuffed with eco friendly wool from organically tended sheep. Each pad reaches the measurements of 17.5"x34". Make changing time fun for you and your baby.

To prevent your baby's cradle or bassinet from getting moist because of diaper changing, use this wool moisture barrier or puddle pad from Holy Lamb. It is made of thick and comfortable wool that is 100% organic and sheared from organically raised and happy sheep. You can lay the moisture barrier flat on top of your mattress and will stay in place even without straps. This mattress is washing machine and dryer friendly too.

Keep your changing table pad ultra comfortable for your baby with this specially made wool cover from Holy Lamb. Your baby's bottom will touch only the softest of wool that is 100% organic. This will keep his baby bum happy and allergy-free. You can lay this wool cover flat on your table pad and it will stay securely and in place. You can easily toss them in the washing machine or wash them by hand if you prefer. Great for eco-minded parents.

Having a good changing mat makes a not so fun job more bearable. Whether you're out on the town or in your on baby's nursery you'll be glad you have eco friendly changing mats you can use. For the green nursery, you'll find a organic changing mat, for out on the road, you'll want to pick up an easy to clean (non pvc) changing mat.