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Adirondack Chairs


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We at Pristine Planet understand that for some people, the simpler things in life are the most meaningful. That is why we have looked for the perfect Adirondack chairs that you can use on your patio, porch or backyard while sipping some ice cold lemonade and watching the sunset.

If you wish to own a piece of furniture that you can pass on to the next generation or use as a home heirloom, our polywood Adirondack is perfect for that purpose. Polywood is made from 100% recycled plastic lumber taken from used milk jugs. Pretty inventive right?

It is very easy to maintain, as a matter of fact, these polywood Adirondack chairs hardly needs maintaining at all! They will not chip, rot or need repainting. Ever. You can basically bring these plastic Adirondack Chairs out to your porch, garden or lake side residence in the springtime and leave it there out in the open until next spring. Your polywood Adirondack would be just as comfortable and brand new as the first time you used it.

Every outdoor setting is made more picturesque and idyllic with plastic Adirondack Chairs. Hotels and resorts also join in on the fun and use these chairs in their properties to add a touch of tranquility in their environment.

Build memories in your favorite with your trusty and dependable plastic Adirondack chairs. With over 30 styles and designs to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect chair for the intimate outdoor mood that you are trying to create.

Because these polywood Adirondack chairs last a lifetime, start your own family traditions that can be passed on to the next generations and the one after that to build a familial chemistry that can be compared to none.

We appreciate the simple things that you appreciate and we strive to be a part of a green and environmentally friendly legacy that you could begin and it could all start with an Adirondack chair.