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Eco Friendly Make Up Bags


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Eco Friendly Makeup Bags

Keep your make up tidy and intact while traveling with these Cosmetic Bags made from eco friendly such as organic cotton, or recycled materials such as VHS cassette tape or even used tire inner tubes.

Plastic Make Up Bags like the Zipper Pouch is made from 95% recycled plastic which is the highest percentage of any polypropylene bag you'll find in any store. The vintage design gives this bag a unique and nostalgic mood while maintaining its functionality with the chunky and colored zipper and tough and durable construction. For every purchase of this product, 1% of the profit will be used to support global environmental initiatives.

If Plastic Cosmetic Cases aren't your style, the Apple & Bee Japan Red Envelope bag made from organic cotton and hemp may be more up your style alley. This stylish make up bag can also double as a fashionable touch that can give any outfit an Asian flair. Apple & Bee is a carbon neutral company that uses only natural fibers in producing high-quality bags. You can also purchase the matching fold-out toiletry bag with the same Japan Red cherry blossom print for a stylishly coordinated travel companion.

Looking for something with a utilitarian feel and extra durability? Cosmetic cases like the FEED Bags Burlap pouch made from 100% organic cotton and recycled burlap is definitely something worth checking out. The recycled nylon lining gives this FEED burlap a touch of sophistication. Sales of the FEED bags sustain the company's mission to feed and educate the world's 400 million starving children one country at a time.

A VHS cassette tape cosmetic bag? Yes! This unique product is made from 100% recycled materials, from the woven cassette tape to the recycled and repurposed fabric lining. Eco friendly, trendy and nostalgic, this bag can easily fit your favorite lipstick and other small travel essentials.

When you're on a trip, you want an eco friendly makeup bag to keep all your natural mineral makeup together during your trip. You've got your option of organic cotton make up bags or bags made from recycled materials like an airmail pouch.