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Beach Bags | Recycled Plastic Beach Bags

A day at the beach on a sunny summer day can be a fun and refreshing experience for you, your friends, and the entire family; yet packing for the beach is an important task which requires sturdy and usable beach bag.

There are a great many options for stowing and carrying your personal items onto the beach, and for the eco-friendly consumer, these beach bags and beach tote bags are decorative, environmentally conscious ways to enjoy the summer days in style.

The BaZura beach bag is a stylish choice for a fun time at the beach or pool side. This bag is made of 100% recycled materials, making it a fabulous, green product. Though colors may vary, you could be assured that it is of the best handmade craftsmanship.

The brilliant idea for the bag came form a women's co-op in the Philippines that works with BaZura Bags; with very little funds, the women discovered that through these plastic beach handbags, they could support themselves.

Another great option is the organic cotton beach tote bag.These twill cotton beach totes are hand crafted in North Carolina and measure 14" x 18" x 4", big enough for your personal beach accessories.

The chic cotton beach bag tote bears a stylish brown and aqua swirl design, and can even be matched with a set matching organic cotton beach towels.Also available in the organic cotton trend is the Green Tea and Lavender beach bag and towel set.

This eco friendly beach bag tote and the organic cotton fair trade beach towel is a great combination to take with you to the beach; with a trendy purple and green floral design, the bag is 19" x 15.5" and folds up easily into its own 3.5" x 5" pouch.

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