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We all grew up with the same generic pancake mix, the one you add water and eggs to, whisk and fry. Making your own pancakes from scratch, while delicious, can be time consuming and hard to do when you are in a rush. Pristine Planet brings you a whole new taste dimension with our organic pancake mixes.

An organic pancake mix has all the health benefits of an ideal breakfast without added sugars, fat or processed ingredients. Many commercial pancake mixes use additives that can be unhealthy such as bromate, a suspected carcinogen. We carry delicious flavors like Country Gourmetís All Natural True Blueberry Pancake and Waffle Mix. We also have the Family Brunch pack so you can sample all their delicious flavors. Craving for buttermilk? We have it here for you.

Purely Elizabethís Gluten-Free Pancake Mix uses millet flour, coconut and buckwheat to make a delicious concoction you will love pouring organic maple syrup over. You will never look back once you taste this truly delicious homemade pancake mixes. You will love their gluten free baking mixes like their Apple Spice Muffin Mix. Try the Ultimate Muffin and Pancake Gift set and guarantee a delicious breakfast every single day.

Whipping up breakfast is so easy with an organic pancake mix. Just like other mixes, add water, egg or egg substitute, whisk and go. You will love our All Natural Great Grainís All Natural Pancake and Waffle Mix. You will have perfect, fluffy and delicious pancakes every time.

Our organic pancake mixes are the closest you can get to your grandmaís homemade pancake mix. Choose from our lovely selection of delicious pancake and waffle mixes and enjoy a healthy breakfast daily. Pair it with butter, vegan butter, nut butters and thick organic maple syrup for a sweet treat or go healthy with granola, yogurt and fruit. It does not matter how you like your pancakes, what matters is that you will always have pancake and waffle mix handy when you are craving for it.