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Outdoor Lantern Lights


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Turn your outdoor areas into an exquisitely lit wonderland with Pristine Planetís outdoor lantern lights. We offer beautiful solar powered lantern designs and energy saving power options in diverse styles to suit your taste and your patio, garden or porch.

Your backyard will become a haven with the Antique Mirror Electric Star Lamp, beautifully crafted to resemble expensive antique mirrors with copper edges. Proceeds from each purchase go to the environmental fund of your choice. Scatter Solarís Hand Blown Glass Votives on your outdoor tables, each comes with a solar panel and embedded LED light. The perfect, eco-friendly solution that calls for no electricity or candles. These beautiful pieces come in kaleidoscope colors sure to match with any decor.

A Soji lantern brings a dash of Asian flair to your outdoor area with their solar powered lanterns. The best in solar technology means you leave these lanterns in direct sunlight and they will glow the moment night starts to fall. There is no need to deal with pesky wires or limit yourself to areas a power cord can reach.

Choose from diverse designs! The Modern design is a contemporary take on the paper lantern, while the Teardrop design brings sleek sensibilities to any area. Go exotic with the limited edition Brown Beehive design, inspired by Indonesian lantern designs. Hang these solar powered lanterns on your porch or fill your trees with them, either way you get light without the cost of extra energy. Every Soji lantern is made of heavy duty nylon and comes with the hanging handle, LED lights and a rechargeable battery.

These solar powered lanterns are perfect for every outdoor area. Light up a garden path to show off your plants. Keep them near the entrance to your home for a unique touch. You will never be satisfied with just one solar garden lantern.