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Outdoor Gift Ideas


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Do you know someone who loves to putter around the garden? Do you have a favorite friend or relative with a green thumb? Here at Pristine Planet, we have a list of unique outdoor gifts that are certain to be a hit. They are perfect for anyone who is planning to start a garden or already has one.

These wonderful outdoor gift ideas can help offset carbon emissions and make for a lasting gift that just keeps giving. Any gardener will love the Garden in a Bag to start an herb garden. Each bag comes with basil, mint and oregano. You can also choose to send a Bamboo Grow Box for specific herbs like parsley or mint. Any gardener will appreciate the Bamboo Grow Rack with these sustainably made pots.

If you know someone who has the space, the Apple Tree-To-Be kit is a unique gift that will grow into a magnificent tree. It has everything from planting soil to the germination bag. We also have gingko tree kits for other climates. Make someone’s day with our Green Gardener Gift Set which includes natural soap and nail brushes to clean the dirt out from under their nails.

You can also start small with the Amaryllis Bulb Kit or the Flowering Plum Bonsai. These make great gifts for someone who just moved in to a new apartment or someone who needs to conserve a little space. You do not need a lot of room to grow these babies and they will surely brighten up any desk, office or kitchen.

Other unique outdoor gifts include earth-friendly golf balls and tees—definitely something your avid golfer friend or relative will marvel at. Many golf balls end up in OBs or lost in the trees. By giving something like this, you guarantee that they can lose these guilt-free.

You will be remembered and thanked for these unique outdoor gifts. Send a thought that will keep growing today.