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Organic White Tea


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Chinese white tea is so-called because it is one of the select types of tea that is virtually exclusively grown in Fujian province. Like its cousin, oolong tea which is also native to Fujian, it is derived as well from the leaves and buds of Camelia sinensis.

A number of studies suggest that Chinese white tea is effective against specific types of cancer, has antiviral and antibacterial properties, and may help improve cardiovascular functions as well.

All in all, drinking organic white tea may not be the key to eternal life but it can at least help prolong your life as long as you supplement its consumption with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

For the best taste of white tea, buy only those made of fresh and organically produced ingredients. Here at Pristine Planet, we are more than pleased to announce that all our products adhere to such a description.

Our website features an array of flavors for organic white tea, many of which are produced by Rishi. Their flavors range from the tropical and exotic to the mildly sweet and soothing. These organic white teas include the likes of Peach Rose, Honeydew Melon, Wild Rose, White Peony, Silver Needle Premium or Jasmine, Snow Buds, Plum Berry, and Mandarin Citrus.

If you have grown up drinking coffee all of your life, it is time to make the ultimate switch to a healthier type of beverage. Drink your way to good health with the best white teas in the market.

Start by preparing organic white teas during snack time. Do it like the British and serve it with a pleasant tray of bite-sized snacks like scones and biscuits. Better yet, serve the Chinese white tea with jam and bread and make sure that you invite friends over for a little impromptu tea party. While you are at it, you could also try pulling everything off with a British accent for the perfect mix of refinement and fun for your gathering.