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Organic And Fair Trade T Shirts


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There are few things on earth that can compare the sensation of slipping into a tee shirt made of 100% organic material. The softness, the comfort, the way the fabric conforms to your skin. If you havenít had the chance to own one for yourself then it is time to take a look at our organic tee shirts here at Pristine Planet. Wearing organic tees makes your commitment to the earth we live in known to the world. Whenever you step out in a beautiful and fun fair trade t-shirt, not only are you making a fashion statement, you are also making an environmental one.

Our fair trade t-shirts are made of the highest, finest and most delicate environmentally sustainable materials. You wonít find a strand of anything synthetic in our fair trade t-shirts. That means with every move you make, you can be sure to experience only the finest comfort, the softest material and the smoothest of fabrics. Its Mother Natureís gift to you so donít miss out on the chance to wear a fabulous organic tee.

We have the most stylish line of organic tees available to suit your every mood. These organic tee shirts are colored with all natural dyes and made out of environmentally sustainable materials such as bamboo. They come in simple yet aesthetically pleasing designs like cherry blossoms, peace signs, birds and other elements of nature and harmony. You can also opt to support some organizations with the purchase of some of the shirts like Greenshopís If I Could Change the World Campaign.

So if you want the ultimate in comfort, make it organic. The softness of the material and its delicate fabrics will fast make them your favorite for everyday wear. Remember, organic tees are pretty strong fashion statements. They are like walking billboards. They say what a person is thinking for most of the time. So if you are all for the environment its protection, say it with an organic tee shirt.

Comments for Organic And Fair Trade T Shirts

I received my shirt and the sizes run a little small. So I gave my new shirt to my daughter who it fit her perfectly. Later I asked her how she likes the shirt and before she could say anything. Her husband who was with us immediately began saying how he liked the way the shirt fit her. He liked the color, said it looked good on her. Then he goes on to say how comfortable it looks. I thought wow.....this all came from a guy who lives, eats, sleeps baseball! Later I asked her how the shirt launders and she said fine, it holds it shape, and didn't shrink.

Kudos for both the wonderful message and apparal usability. Attention to quality is apparent in every detail as is an obvious higher sense of environmental awareness. Truly a pleasure for mind, body & spirit. Can't decide whether to wear it w/ my jeans or sleep in it.

This shirt is made of soft, environmentally-friendly material that fits perfectly. I love the color and logo, which reminds us about whatís important in life: love, honor, inspire, teach; our children are earth's tmrw. Would recommend to anyone and everyone!

This is my favorite new shirt. I've washed it MANY times and it still looks great. With such a positive message and quality product you can't go wrong. Thanks TMRW designs.

This shirt is so comfortable, made from soft cotton and is easy to wash and wear. I love the artwork on the shirt with its message of 'Harmony, Certainty, and Serenity.

I love the Earth tone colors and the unique artwork and design. They are comfortable and attractive. A big plus for me is that they are made with our enviroment in mind. They are made from 100% organic cotton and they are " made in the USA." A great product! Lynda Aplin