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Natural Syrup


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Oh my goodness! Are those pancakes? Pass the syrup!

How many times have you exclaimed that statement in the past week? Not enough we suppose. But here in Pristine Planet, we have an extensive array of organic syrup that will have you craving for pancakes all day, every day.

Meticulously made from 100% natural ingredients, our natural products make it safe for you to drown your pancakes in a pool of syrup. Expect no artificial flavoring, coloring and preservatives in our bottles, we like our natural syrup healthy and tasty.

Even our tummies agree. The all organic syrup makes digestion a breeze and hardly a task, leaving space for more, more and more.

In the mood for a stronger maple-y taste? We also have organic grade b syrups to satisfy your appetite. Guaranteed to make you go “…mmmmmm” after every bite, not only is it healthy, tastes healthy too. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself and see the difference. No need to thank us later, but those pancakes looks nice though.

If you’re worried about your sugar intake then a bottle (or 2) of our organic brown rice syrup is just the thing for you. A wonderful and gluten-free natural syrup substitute for your regular sweetener, pouring it over ice cream or baking a cake with it makes no difference it still tastes pretty darn delicious.

Whoever said that “healthy ain’t sweet” obviously never got the chance to try our organic syrups. We make sure that not only are you getting the healthiest products, we want you to enjoy them too.

Go ahead and make plans to have pancakes for breakfast for the next 3 weeks. We have the natural syrup that will make your mornings extra special.

No need to hesitate and think twice. You only live once and a world without organic syrup isn’t sweet at all.